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GUI Feng spirit: change boundless, founded in the new innovation; people-oriented, environmental protection starts from me.
Your abundant purpose: let the customer satisfaction, let the employee satisfied, let the social benefit; your abundant machinery, the benefit of mankind.
Expensive strategy: group strategy, small business accounting system, capital operation, international market.
Your abundant policy: self management, self financing, self discipline, self perfection and self development.
GUI Feng mode: idea + system + method. MS=f (I) +f (o) +f (s) (IOS model) (model)
GUI Feng philosophy: main factors of enterprise management is the main power of enterprise development, is the main hero, the success of the enterprise is the main reason, is the decline of enterprises. Humanized design, humanized construction, humanized management, humanized marketing, humanized service.
Principle of work: the use of moral, business management, management must be strict.
Quality of faith: strict work, to achieve zero defect; product is the character, quality representative of the personality; customers in your heart, quality in your hands.

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