Crawler shot blasting machine


The shot blasting machine, shot blasting machine is the high speed steel shot shot falling impact in a material surface treatment technology. Compared with other surface treatment technologies, it is faster and more effective.
In 1930s the United States company in the world, made the first shot blasting machine. The China shot peening equipment production began in 1950s, mainly imitation technology in former Soviet union.
Shot blasting machine can also be used to remove the burrs, rust and scale, may affect the integrity of the object, or part of the appearance, definition. Shot blasting machine can also remove surface contaminants in a part of the surface coating, and provide an increase in the adhesion of the coating surface contour of the workpiece, to strengthen.
The principle of blasting machine
Shot blasting machine is different from the shot peening machine, is that it is used to reduce the fatigue life of components increased in different surface stress, increase the strength of parts, or to prevent fretting.
Shot blasting machine is to rely on the high-speed rotation of the polishing head the abrasive particles thrown to the workpiece surface to achieve, with several blades of polishing head.
When working through the inlet into the abrasive polishing head in the central, central polishing head has a polishing head to rotate with the impeller, the impeller is set outside the directional, impeller to the open end to the abrasive polishing head near the blade center on the directional sleeve through the action of abrasive particles due to. The centrifugal force along the length direction of the blade speed until it reaches the apex of the blade with high speed impact surface of the workpiece.


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